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BallstonConnect Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

Ballston is long-known as home to the most scientists and technologists per capita - but the neighborhood’s exponential growth has made it a hotspot for a new demographic: dogs! At every park and street corner at any hour in Ballston, you’ll find a furry friend and their owner perusing the streets of our neighborhood. With more dogs and dog-friendly options than ever, it can be overwhelming for some owners to find the right fit for their pooch.

Caroline Carini is a co-founder of the Pals App, a modern approach to connecting dog owners in our community for quick and safe playdates at dog-friendly locations. What are some of the challenges urban pet owners face? What makes Ballston the perfect intersection of technology and pups? And has social-distancing impacted our pets’ social skills just as much as ours?