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BallstonConnect Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

Even with fun, food, and entertainment options abound - the heart and health of the Ballston neighborhood relies on vital services provided by our healthcare professionals. Our guest today is an expert on resilience, health, and what it means to grow a business in Ballston.

Dr. Sara Varghai is a Doctor of Optometry and the owner of NOVA Optique + Eyecare. Her extensive experience has included work in Baltimore, South Carolina, and Cleveland - where her residency with a heavy emphasis on ocular disease, as well as focus on specialty contact lenses and low vision rehabilitation. Since 2014, she’s served the Arlington community’s eyecare needs - and for the past year, through NOVA Optique + Eyecare in Ballston.

What’s it like to deal with insurance from the other side? How do you navigate the challenges of starting a public-facing practice during a pandemic? And why do we have to get that dreaded puff of air in our eyes when we get them checked out?