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BallstonConnect Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

In Ballston, our restaurant scene is one of our greatest assets, and one of the biggest reasons people are so drawn to our neighborhood - for employees, residents, and neighbors alike. And it’s not just about locations with variety - like the plethora of options at Quarter Market and along Ballston Exchange. Events like the Quarterfest Crawl, the Walking Pizza Tour, Mix Madness, and others have brought well-deserved attention (and hungry mouths) to our community. And speaking of community, our guests today have quickly become stalwarts of the Ballston neighborhood - and embody the best parts of our local restaurant industry.

Jason Johnston and Jonah Troth are the creators and co-owners of Ballston Local, a neighborhood hangout spot serving up crave-worthy food and craft cocktails, beer, and wine. After opening last summer, Jason and Jonah have already developed a dedicated following of fans - and have intrigued our community and neighbors with a unique lineup of events and programs.