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BallstonConnect Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

2020 has been unlike anything we'd imagined - but we're not leaving without holiday cheer and reliving some of our favorite moments.

In our final podcast of the year, we speak with the man himself - Santa Claus - and revisit some of our best segments of 2020.

How has COVID impacted the teams at the North Pole? What...

Dec 1, 2020

Marymount University has been one of Ballston's most impactful and longest/standing institution. 

In this episode of Ballston Connect Tina Leone talks to Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University. 

We will learn the history of Marymount University in Ballston, how they pivoted to continue teaching students...

Nov 16, 2020

The onset of COVID-19 has made outdoor dining the most popular way to eat at restaurants. This is great during the spring and summer, but what will happen as the temperature begins to drop? Many European nations have long enjoyed year-round dining, but now it is our turn to learn the secrets to making outdoor...

Nov 4, 2020

We know that each neighborhood in Arlington has a certain feel. There may be a particular look or brand tied to an area, and that is no accident. Items like banners, benches, and even trashcans can help create a feeling in a public space. This process is known as placemaking, and it is a multifaceted process of creating...

Oct 15, 2020

In this episode, we are talking about hair. Most of us have it, but it became clear in the last year that few of us have any idea how to cut or care for it. 

We chat with Ajia Minnis, owner of Ballston's newest salon, Thrive Hair Bar. We learn what makes Thrive unique as a business specializing in natural styles and...